Legal Tech and eDiscovery

Legal Tech and eDiscovery

legal technology Code Blue Digital Forensics in partnership with Pictera Solutions provides top notch Legal Technology Solutions to include eDiscovery, Document Copying and Scanning, High Speed Printing, and Custom Trial Exhibits.

We offer a full range of premium services. From Forensic Data Collection and Analysis to paper productions and trial exhibit creation, we provide all the support services you need to gain the advantage.

To complement our technology suite, we also handle all forms of paper productions including high volume copying/scanning/printing and media duplication.  Finally, our team of experts can quickly create custom trial boards that get your point across.


Specialization in Electronic Data Discovery offers years of experience, expertise and resources required at each step of the document lifecycle. This includes:

  • Early Case Assessment
  • Identify and segregate exact duplicates, filtering and culling to reduce data size
  • Extract metadata and text to allow high level searching
  • Process data for loading into any review program (Output in PDF, TIFF, Natives, etc.)

We offer cutting edge document review platforms through Relativity, Eclipse, and Catalyst as well as our own unique solutions.

So regardless of the project type or scope, we have the total solution for you and our commitment to your complete satisfaction is assured.