Digital Forensics 

Code Blue Digital Forensics provides expert digital forensic services for those investigators, businesses, law firms, individuals, etc. who have minimal or no knowledge of how to conduct digital forensic investigations.

Data Collections

Do you need data collected for litigation purposes? Is travel an issue? Code Blue Digital Forensics specializes in on-site as well as remote data collections. Although we are based in South Florida, we can travel to anywhere in the U.S. or even worldwide if needed. Based on best practices, Code Blue collects data in the most forensically sound manner and sends the results with a proper chain-of-custody and affidavit (if required).

Social Media Services

Our social media services can collect, preserve, search, filter, and report in real-time as information is posted online. Information from the past, present, and future can be collected and preserved. This information remains intact and saved even if the person deletes it. Code Blue Digital Forensics has the capabilities to capture location-based social media posts for any location in the world.


Technology is embedded in all our lives. Digital evidence is involved in almost every criminal and civil offense. In this digital age, investigators, forensic examiners, and practitioners alike need to be armed with the proper knowledge base and tools to their job. We offer training courses designed to teach the skills you need in order to do your job effectively.

Our instructors have been teaching law enforcement, collegiate students, government, and private sector personnel worldwide in digital investigations for over 20 years.

In addition, we can customize a course based on your needs as well as provide training at any location. Law enforcement, businesses, law firms, etc. will benefit from our leading-edge curriculum.

Incident Response

There are two stages of cyber threats – before and after they occur. Code Blue Digital Forensics in partnership with Infiltration Labs specializes in preventing, investigating, and responding to data breaches.

Cell Site Analysis

Code Blue Digital Forensics provides expert cell site analysis to include call detail records (CDR) examination and mapping. The evidence gained through cell site analysis can be extremely beneficial to a case and with a thorough examination of the call detail records (CDR), can show the likely location and movements of a mobile device.

Legal Tech and eDiscovery

Code Blue Digital Forensics in partnership with Pictera Solutions provides top notch Legal Technology Solutions to include eDiscovery, Document Copying and Scanning, High Speed Printing, and Custom Trial Exhibits. We offer a full range of premium services. From Forensic Data Collection and Analysis to paper productions and trial exhibit creation, we provide all the support services you need to gain the advantage.